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Foot and Leg Master Class

Reduced from €350.00 to €150.00

 "  12 Steps to Walking on Air " 
 ( How to adjust the bones of the foot and leg, to restore spinal balance, eliminate pain, balance the meridians,stop the progress of 'arthritis', eliminate chronic fatigue)
 "This course shows the step by step analysis of the foot , ankle, leg and knee.
 These are techniques any health professional can learn.
See it at http://youtu.be/mBAHWHQi5tU
We take you through the diagnosis and treatment of foot problems, using non-invasive, safe methods within the licence of more or less all registered alternative therapists."
 "The lessons are shot in an actual k-practic office and the videos are supplemented by easy to understand and comprehensive manuals. 
Follow up and adjuvant advice is available to all students of these courses. 
 Main instructor is Dr Ronnie Turner, a chiropractor with 30 years experience.

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